Application, Service and Network Monitoring

Custos is an Open Source network, service and application performance and security monitoring solution built with Apache, PHP, Syslog and MongoDB.

Our mission is to create a Open Source solution that competes with Nagios, Zabbix, MRTG, Loggly and Splunk.

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Distributed & Redundant Network Service Discovery & Penetration Testing

Custos performs network machine and service discovery and penetration testing.

Email, Text, Phone, Chat and IRC Alerts

Email and Text(SMS) alerts for outage or performance threshold violations.

The times are changing; infrastructure today is large & globally distributed. Systems administrators/engineers and others who work in "devops" need a better solutions that what is currently available as of January 2012.

2013q2 Update Syslog to Mongo functional, improved Remote-Scriptability, Custos I/O is now the official site for Custos SaaS.

2012q4 Update: Custos Project is finally getting published in Github, getting ready for public release.

2012q2 Update: Custos Public Service, at is now open for beta users.

2012q1 Update: Custos is getting an overhaul, dropping it's dependence on Nagios/Icinga and moving into it's own. The current solutions don't scale well; in most scenarios there is some single-point-of-failure ("SPOF"). Additionally the monitoring systems do not scale well - adding parallel systems for high-availability or load-balancing is a complex task.

Custos aims to change that, creating a system that is an easy to deploy, distributed & redundant system.

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Other Network Monitoring Solutions

These tools below, directly compete with Custos; which may not be the right solution.

Other IPAM Tools

Monitoring Should be Easy

Currently, monitoring sucks. The systems available are arcane, time-consuming and limited or there are a number of new tools to learn. Support, if available, is expensive.

Custos makes performance monitoring easy

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Super Features with Epic Win!

Custos can operate as simple, or as complicated as you'd like. But! If you take our recommendations for the simple path can get the following benefits.