Custos was started, originally in 2004 with the name Fio and was a simple front-end for the mon software. Then, it grew and morphed to using Nagios and started merging some of it's add plugins such as pnp4Nagios, and DNX. In 2009 the project was renamed to Custos, additional graphing options were enabled and the front-end was completely re-designed.

I'm a sys-admin who writes code - generally using Bash, Perl, PHP, Python, JavaScript or what-ever. I also have a good sized number of servers to manage, in various locations for various customers. I needed to monitor performance on all those systems, working with local-admins (or no admins).

Nagios/Icinga didn't work: a) wasn't distributed or durable enough, b) custom reporting scripts via NSCA was a no-go, c) configuration was tedious. Similar things could be said about Zabbix, OpenNMS and other tools we tried. We tried, for many years (since 2005 actually) to make Nagios/Icinga prettier, more functional, more automatic, more durable. Eventually, in 2011 we hit a wall with building on-top of Nagios/Icinga and Custos had to go out on it's own.

User Story

Bill is an over-worked sys-eng. He spends his day fixing hardware errors; identifying/troubleshooting performance issues and making sure the systems are running smoothly. He currently uses Nagios to montior CPU, Disk and Network availabilit and performance.

Carl is Bill's boss; he wants to know how many users are on the site; how many sign-ups do we have now? How about now? And now? How many seconds is the sign-up process taking? How many private messages have been sent today?

A the business scales up Carl introduces more an more custom metrics that he wants from the system. Bill has less and less time for maintenance and systems suffer.

Custos v2012.10 (r2130)

The information below is about the last version of Custos which was based around Nagios/Icinga.

Custos is a web-based network service & infrastructure monitoring and discovery application. Built on a Linux platform and deployed as VM images Custos creates a distributed, redundant network monitoring system.

Custos is a replacement for Icinga, Nagios (or Zabbix &c). Custos builds on top of the lessons from those applications while adding in increased durability and simpler deployments.

Like many other Monitoring tools Custos can run machine/service checks via ICMP, TCP, SNMP, ssh and many other methods. Additionally Custos offers some IPAM

Custos is built around three GPL software packages: Nagios, PNP4Nagios and OpenVAS

Nagios is used to perform Machine and Service checks, PNP4Nagios assists with graph creation. OpenVAS performs Machine and Service security audits. Custos ties all these nice packages together.