Installing and Configuring Custos on your own systems.

Custos is tested on Gentoo and Ubuntu >=12.04.

Server Requirements




Installing the Code

Simply fetch the latest bits from Git. You can run master, or checkout a specific feature branch or tag.

git clone /var/www/custos
cp /var/www/custos/etc/apache.conf-debian /etc/apache2/site-enabled/
cp /var/www/custos/etc/apache.conf-gentoo /etc/apache2/vhosts.d/

Configuring Cron

Custos comes with example cron configurations for both dcron and fcron style. The development team uses fcron internally.

@ 4   /var/www/
@ 6h  /var/www/
@ 8h  /var/www/
@ 12h /var/www/
*/4 *    * * * /var/www/
*   */6  * * * /var/www/
*   */8  * * * /var/www/
*   */12 * * * /var/www/

Custos provides machine and service monitoring to 1000s from servers from points across the globe.

Hosting with AWS and uing their monitoring costs $3.70/mo, out service is only $2/mo.

Hosting with Linode, or other providers don't provide the necessary hosting checks.

Traditional Open-Source Monitoring solutions were not designed for distributed high-scale environments.

Currently the installation process works like this:

The job of configuring OpenVAS Scanner, with HTTP API like this valued at $600 - $1300. found on oDesk - OpenVAS HTTP API.